These are Rules enforced on the wikia. If you don't follow the rules, you will likely get a ban.

Valid 1 - 3 day blocks

Users will receive a warning before being blocked if a rule has a "!" next to it.

Swearing. [1 - 3 day block]

Begging for in-game items, moderator, etc. [3 day block]

! Creating a page without a valid reason. [1 day block]

! Necroposting on a thread. [1 day block]

Spamming. [1 - 3 day block]

! Starting flame wars. [3 day block]

! Taking an already claimed quote. [3 day block]

Valid 1 week - 1 month blocks

Users will not receive ANY warnings.

Attacking another user. [1 week ban]

Using an inappropriate name, or profile picture. [1 - 2 week ban]

Talking bad about other wikia users, or players. [1 week ban]

Attacking the staff team. [1 week - 1 month ban]

Racism. [1 week - 1 month ban]

Graphic, gory, or horrific images. [1 month ban]

Valid Perm Ban Reasons

Users will be permanently banned from the wikia on sight.

NSFW images. [PERM BAN]

Bypassing a ban using an alt account. [PERM BAN]

Pretending to be another user. [PERM BAN]

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